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Project Actions & Results

The main focus of the LIFE CleanOx project aims to implement at full-scale an innovative technology with a strong positive environmental impact (GHG and energy savings) that will be economically viable, what will ensure its replicability.

LIFE CleanOx project consists in demonstrating an innovative radiative heat exchanger based HeatOx solution.

The project has three main objectives:

  1. Reduction of GHG emissions linked to tableware glass production (compared to air combustion using a regenerative heat exchanger: 30% less CO2 and 90% less NOx emissions)
  2. Increase of thermal efficiency in tableware glass plants (compared to air combustion using a regenerative heat exchanger: 30% less)
  3. Significant CAPEX reduction (50-75%) compared to LIFE Eco-HeatOx (1st generation of HeatOx)

As part of the demonstration project, Partners aim at implementing the following actions:

  • C1 Design a radiative heat exchanger for the pilot furnace
  • C2 Implement a radiative heat exchanger to the pilot furnace flue gas channel
  • C3 Implement burners and pipings to the pilot furnace
  • C4 Operate the pilot furnace with hot O2 and NG up to 800C and 500C
  • C5 Ensuring long-term sustainability, replicability and transferability
  • C6 Design SMR tubes for the radiative heat exchanger
  • C7 Implement SMR tubes and auxilary units such as a stream generator

LIFE CleanOx

Project funded by European Commission for helping industry to reduce its environmental footprint.

Project Description